A letter from David "Dread" Hinds of Steel Pulse

Polytricks and Haiti don't mix:
what you can do to make a difference

Dear Pulsers,

"...polytricksters drinking human blood/ concrete heart can hold no love..."

- Bodyguard,
Earth Crisis

My band members and I were shocked by the depth of the human tragedy following the earthquake in Haiti. Even more so, we’re still reeling in disbelief from the news that Haiti has received a mere 5% of what was pledged in disaster relief!

That, as you can imagine, is nowhere enough to help put the country back on its feet.

And now we hear that U.S. funds are being blocked by political gamesmanship (you can write to Senator Coburn by following this link, or call his Washington office at 202-224-5754).

As if that wasn’t enough, Haiti has to deal with a dangerous cholera outbreak and the damage from Hurricane Tomas.

Well – it seems like there is very little hope left.

4haitiFor this reason we feel determined now, more than ever, to assist those who are desperately in need. As musicians, the greatest contribution Steel Pulse can make is through our music and raising awareness in the community. That’s why we’re donating 100% of the proceeds of our new song Hold On [4 Haiti] to the Solar Healthcare partnership between the Solar Electric Light Fund and Partners In Health. All money raised through this partnership will go to solar electrify 12 clinics in Haiti.

We also perform the song at every concert to remind us all that Haiti still has a long road ahead. Of course, we can’t forget that Haiti has been in a dire economical situation for at least two centuries, ever since their independence from colonial rule.

For now, we’re asking you to go to www.holdon4haiti.org and donate to the cause. Make a contribution of any size and you’ll make a difference on the ground in Haiti. To thank you for your generosity, you’ll instantly receive our new song as a digital download. As a fan of Steel Pulse, you can agree that this is a worthy cause.

Stay blessed.

David "Dread" Hinds,
Steel Pulse

P.S.- watch this video: Paul Farmer explains the importance of solar-powered clinics in rural Haiti.



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